The Internet - The first Worldwide Tool of Unification ("The End of History")

" ... Now I give you something that few think about: What do you think the Internet is all about, historically? Citizens of all the countries on Earth can talk to one another without electronic borders. The young people of those nations can all see each other, talk to each other, and express opinions. No matter what the country does to suppress it, they're doing it anyway. They are putting together a network of consciousness, of oneness, a multicultural consciousness. It's here to stay. It's part of the new energy. The young people know it and are leading the way.... "

" ... I gave you a prophecy more than 10 years ago. I told you there would come a day when everyone could talk to everyone and, therefore, there could be no conspiracy. For conspiracy depends on separation and secrecy - something hiding in the dark that only a few know about. Seen the news lately? What is happening? Could it be that there is a new paradigm happening that seems to go against history?... " Read More …. "The End of History"- Nov 20, 2010 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll)

"Recalibration of Free Choice"– Mar 3, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll) - (Subjects: (Old) Souls, Midpoint on 21-12-2012, Shift of Human Consciousness, Black & White vs. Color, 1 - Spirituality (Religions) shifting, Loose a Pope “soon”, 2 - Humans will change react to drama, 3 - Civilizations/Population on Earth, 4 - Alternate energy sources (Geothermal, Tidal (Paddle wheels), Wind), 5 – Financials Institutes/concepts will change (Integrity – Ethical) , 6 - News/Media/TV to change, 7 – Big Pharmaceutical company will collapse “soon”, (Keep people sick), (Integrity – Ethical) 8 – Wars will be over on Earth, Global Unity, … etc.) - (Text version)

“…5 - Integrity That May Surprise…

Have you seen innovation and invention in the past decade that required thinking out of the box of an old reality? Indeed, you have. I can't tell you what's coming, because you haven't thought of it yet! But the potentials of it are looming large. Let me give you an example, Let us say that 20 years ago, you predicted that there would be something called the Internet on a device you don't really have yet using technology that you can't imagine. You will have full libraries, buildings filled with books, in your hand - a worldwide encyclopedia of everything knowable, with the ability to look it up instantly! Not only that, but that look-up service isn't going to cost a penny! You can call friends and see them on a video screen, and it won't cost a penny! No matter how long you use this service and to what depth you use it, the service itself will be free.

Now, anyone listening to you back then would perhaps have said, "Even if we can believe the technological part, which we think is impossible, everything costs something. There has to be a charge for it! Otherwise, how would they stay in business?" The answer is this: With new invention comes new paradigms of business. You don't know what you don't know, so don't decide in advance what you think is coming based on an old energy world. ..."
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German anti-hate speech group counters Facebook trolls

German anti-hate speech group counters Facebook trolls
Logo No Hate Speech Movement

Bundestag passes law to fine social media companies for not deleting hate speech

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

PayPal/Ebay follows anti-Wikileaks crusade, suspends account

VentureBeat, December 4, 2010 | Sid Yadav

Online payments service PayPal has joined the global crusade against whistle-blower site Wikileaks and suspended the site’s account, which the nonprofit Wikileaks has previously relied on as a primary channel for donations.

The payments service, which is owned by ecommerce giant eBay, stated on its blog that Wikileaks was in “violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.”

Additionally, it added that the action was taken on its own and that it wasn’t contacted by any governmental agency regarding the matter.

Earlier in the week, Amazon took a similar action and booted Wikileaks from using its cloud services, stating that the site violated its terms and conditions by posting content it didn’t have the rights to and potentially putting innocent people in jeopardy. A couple of days later, domain name service provider followed suit and terminated Wikikleaks’ domain name.

As the walls close in on Wikileaks, the ethical stance of Internet services when it comes to delicate matters such as this is rightly being questioned. PayPal, Amazon, and have all denied acting due to governmental pressure, but given that the moves all came only after considerable posturing from Washington, it’s difficult to believe that this didn’t play a part.

The whistle-blower site is under immense global pressure from world governments, and these latest moves are shaking the site’s foundations.

On a side-note: Wikileaks also ran into trouble with PayPal back in January, when an automated money-laundering alert was set off due to an influx of donations. The account ended up being suspended for a day, but the situation was resolved soon after.

Julian Assange's whereabouts have been undisclosed since WikiLeaks
began publishing the documents last week. Assange allowed to return home

Actions/Companies in anti-Wikileaks crusade:

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Blossom Goodchild channels White Cloud. Nov 14, 2010 - “Be alert dear ones. Much change is to take place (in your time) very soon. And once announcements of a kind that will take you by great surprise are issued , there will be dividing. Do not 'take in' as a Truth all that you are led to believe IS Truth ... for it is not. It will be versions of. In your world you have a genuine article and then you have many 'copies' of that article , disguised as the real thing and yet there will be something/somewhere, within/upon that article that will reveal it to be what it Truly is ...a fake ... and yet it may appear so genuine at the onset. Be Aware!”

"And yet , we feel it necessary to state our case within this particular matter that is to come. It will not be one that shall go unnoticed that is certain. It will not be the case, that if you do not have your news on that day you will miss it , for it shall be spread world wide and be THE TOPIC of conversation everywhere."

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